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trigger warning: depressing

Just in case some people care enough to want to know, but mainly for me because I'm really sad and I dont feel okay with posting this on tumblr because so and so might see it and be too concerned, but here goes what I've been feeling, doing, or lack-thereof doing.
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Jul. 22nd, 2016 02:18 am
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Waiting (Drabble)
Synopsis: Missed opportunities.

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Chapter 47

a/n: I'm sorry for the long wait for this update. I had little to no motivation / always feeling too tired or sad to write. I'm very happy I ended up finishing this one though! The free form poem in the beginning is personal in itself. I added it because I thought it was a nice personal touch c': Anyways, have a cool day!
Also, important question! If you're going to comment, tell me if you think a time skip is fitting and how long it should be! (My beta and I argued over this)
Thank you guys for waiting! Hope it was okay :>

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Title: NI: Water Parks
Sypnosis: Baekhyun wants to go to the park.
a/n: haven't written a random drabble for random no reasons-reason for a while right??????? Anywayssss, back with my lovely couple haha

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Do you like my duck lips? Anyways, in this video, I'm basically shading every hoe I ever went to high school with :) I love America haha

So I'm writing LNAD right? And then I realize something ( I posted this on twitter ) but this is actually my FIRST BREAK UP SCENE???? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think in all of my stories, Baekhyun just runs away lol. AM I WRONG? I feel like it haha. ANywAAys, gotta keep writing lol 
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Often, I get asked if I have any advice for people who want to start writing or already ARE writers. I think this is more geared towards those who are thinking about writing because I FEEL YOU, BOOB. I have walked through that ugly ass forest of Should-I-Should-I-Not? Let me tell you guys--It's basically just fear that's stopping you! If you don't want to watch the video (Awww) then that's all you should know.

Be confident in what you post, and even if you are not, be aware that for every rude person / rude commentor there are about 10 and many more people who will always be nice to you and encourage you.

I feel like encouraging you guys to start writing too because you have so many ideas, you should at least try ^^. Plus, I'm not publishing as much as I used to or want to so as more "1st generation" exo writers slowly retire and fade, y'all need to step up :'o!!! You can do it!!!!! You might write the next "Exo classic" hahah. As I said years and years ago, "What do I have to do to be famous? Kill somebody????"---->4 months later, 10080 came about.

Sincerely, Fara.

PS: LNAD 47 fluff is coming. 8-) 
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Out of League (drabble)
Pair: Chanyeol/Baekhyun
Word: 320+
Summary: League is life.
a/n: This was just a drabble I wrote up during my short-lived league of legends phase. Emphasis on just-a-drabble. Huuuuuuu

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[livejournal.com profile] asgardian_cat

Your messeage: Hi, I am Kat from Hong Kong, and I would like to ask if .....

My Response: Yes, you can. Just credit me, link back to the original story, and give me a link so I can put your translation on my translation links page. Thank you!

PS: Your messaging system was not enabled so I couldn't reply back privately.

Sincerely, Fara.
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Happy New Year! May 2016 be a bomb ass year for you & may you reach whatever goal you have set for yourself !
My goals:
1. Be more confident
2. Stay cute
3. Continue to manipulate the opposite sex
4. Charm others!
5. Be a good person (even if it hurts)
6. Maintain clapback skills despite being nice
7. Do well in school
8. Continue to be open and confront problems head on
9. Continue making new friends
10. Remind myself that things will eventually get better. Life works out so go with the flow

Bye! Love you, hoes o♥o//
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Chapter 45

a/n: hello, boobs!!! This is (sadly) only 2.9k and I wasn't able to write everything I wanted to. So (sadly), no, LNAD will not have only 2 chapters left. It'll probably go into the 50's, but I'm sorry ;___; College is crippling. But anyways, enjoy this (if you can) and hopefully it's not TOoOOOO bad (but it is). Thank you for those who waited for me to update. Love you guys (kindaaaa) lol Have a happy new year!

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NI: Merry Dickmas drabble
Word count: 561
Synopsis: The one thing Baekhyun wanted, he didn't get.


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Title: Scholarships
Length: 3k+
Summary: Baekhyun's a janitor.
Status: Unfinished indefinately
a/n: Originally written for Yeolliepopday bc I kept jumping around prompts. This was my baekyeol idea/draft before I stopped, and started the Chansoo entry Summer Kitchen. Enjoy but don't put too much hope on this completetion :'-(
PS: scholarSHIPS hahah puns

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Chapter 44

a/n: this chapter isn't as good or long or angsty as the last chapter. slight fluff. maybeee some angst.  i dont really know. anyways, chanyeol buys bread.

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